Woman with a hat.



Year 2011
Oil on board
62 x 50 cm

Mastering portraiture is a great professional challenge.

How many times did I have to practice modelling my own person!

The scarcity of economic resources to pay for a model or the haste of the commission, forced me at times, protected by anonymity, to be the model myself.

The infinite hours and the fast years passed, leaving in the face of that girl, that one day I was, her testimony.

Those past springs are, only today, a handful of wildflowers adorning a straw hat, in a bucolic landscape that does not exist.

The maturity, like the summer, dries up all the green.

©María José Aguilar

“They say that, since I learned to express myself verbally, I manifested a fervent and unwavering desire: TO PAINT



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